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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  December 9, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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netting. they will be reaching out to affected. tonight, in worcester, police say human ree mains may have been stolen from a second mausoleum. >> let's get to mary, live in worcester with those details. reporter: police are already investigating six skeletons from a tomb. yesterday, a connecticut man was charged in connection with that say they found the skeletal remains. he claims that he paid another man to steal the remains and was using them for weight africa religious ritual. in the course of the investigation detectives discovered three additional bodies may have been stolen from a second mausoleum. no details on the second one police are still trying to contact the family involved. right now a city wide check of
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so far, no other signs of foul play. the man is being held on $100,000 bail. police are still looking for the man who helped him. wcvb, newscenter 5. >> the u.s. senate is taking action today to-or that man. the man you're looking at right there, a hero. glen, a winchester man who was billed in benghazi. >> glen, a former navy seal was a government contractor for seven years before he was killed in 2012 when the u.s. embassy in benghazi was attacked. for seven years he was required by the government to buy an insurance policy for $4,000 each time he was sent overseas. but after his death, c.i.a. benefit. it turns out there was a loophole in the policy. only payments could be made to a wife or heirs. he never married or had children. >> what's the c.i.a.'s justification for forcing you to buy a policy?
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would you have to ask sk them. >> and you get no benefits? >> that's politics, isn't it? >> today, a bill was filed to close the loophole. the overseas security personal fairness and was lan. ed by congressman stephen lynch. >> there are many families who have gone through this and they might need that money. it's not inexpensive to bury a child and then to have the government say, i'm sorry, his life is not worth a penny. it's very, very painful, and quite insulting. >> she's grateful for their perseverance. she said putting her son's name is an honor, but his real legacy are the lives he saved the day that the embassy was attacked. this is what makes the battle insulting. >> it's just that little bit of pain that's still there. this injustice is still going on. for us and for everyone else. it's just too long.
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estimated to be around $400,000 if the loophole is ever closed. and if it happens, barbara says it's unlikely any family will see any money for years. >> northeastern university police are getting new firepower that they say will help keep students safe. the school confirms its officers will use what's called tactical or assault rifles if necessary. northeastern police say that the rifles will be sent out with officers only in the case of emergency. campus police say they will not be carrying them around campus and boston police tonight will not comment. >> right now the search a second suspect in a quincey home invasion. a pregnant woman was among the victims tied up. rhondella richardson is live investigators. reporter: police are look for the man in the ski mask who barged into the pregnant woman's closed bedroom door brandishing a gun. police executing a search warrant they hope will make the arrest. reporter: police say kevin
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of breaking into a quincey home. detectives back at the scene of yesterday's home invasion say the president's family was not randomly robbed. the father's 16-year-old daughter called 911 as his wife was threatened at gunpoint. >> i think they are hurting her. >> the family owns the quincey bakery. police say 22-year-old murphy and an accomplice stole about $40,000 that the family had in a brown paper bag in a dresser drawer. the wife tied up did offer up her wallet but the suspect seemed to know there was much more money. >> she said the money was in her purse. the suspect said that's not what he wanted. he put the handgun against the temple of her forehead and demanded to was. he wrapped a sweater around her head and taped the her head. all. in the house. target.
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a lot of desperate people. >> the man in custody is being held on $100,000 bail. police say he's not being cooperative and the victim says they have no idea who he was. >> two plainville girls are being held accused of kidnapping and terrorizing another girl according to police. this replica 9 millimeter handgun was held to the victim's head and she was threatened after being handcuffed to a chair. it happened during a party 159 washington street and investigators are saying the victim was targeted because she was dating an ex-girlfriend of one of the suspects. a third girl is released. the victim who lan ran into a dunkin' donuts. they face dangerous hearing tomorrow. >> the final witnesses notice chism case took the stand today. a neuropsychologist and a clinical pathologist. prosecutors argue that chism has faked symptoms of mental illness following the rape and murder of his math teacher two years ago.
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defense admits that criticism committed the crime but says he was insane at the time. >> an investigation is now under way after information from 120 drivers was stolen from the rmv office. the registry of motor vehicles sent a letter, saying it was inside a case that was taken during a burglary back in july. it included names and addresses. arrests. >> to brooklyn, a firefighter is recovering after being hurt battling a fire. crews quickly gained control of the fire. the injuries are said to be minor. several students lived inside the home and everyone made it out safely. >> boston college is taking new action tonight to stop a norovirus outbreak. at least 120 students are sick. most ate at the chipotle on cleveland circle. all campus dining halls have stopped self-service as a precaution. cleaning crews will pay special attention to busy public spaces.
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the outbreak remains closed. city inspectors have discovered health violations at the restaurant including an instance in which an employee was sick but still came to work. charge of boston's july 4 celebration opening up about his decision to retire after more than four decades on the job. >> her holiday wish went viral. now this little girl is getting mail from all around the world. well hear more from the boston doctor helping her deal. >> we think of december as a winters month but these are not winter like temperatures across much of the country. how mild it will get and for how long. >> sit around and eat marshmallows.
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy
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and not just the powerful few. >> you're watching newscenter 5 at 6:00. protests are continuing on the streets demanding the resignation of chicago's mayor
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all of this comes after he apologized for the 2014 death of a black teenager killed by a white police officer. he kept the video of the shooting under wraps until after his election for the second term down. a boston tradition will turn a new page after next year. david, who has produced the city's july 4 extravaganza, for 42 years, announced he'll retire as the executive producer after year. he created and paid for the annual event the first 27 years, later, finding sponsors over the next few months, he'll 7-inch 7 and hopes to find his replacement and a new sponsor. >> as you get older in life tough to adapt and i'm not complaining in the least bit. i've had a great run and now i want to position it so that it will live on for a very long time. >> they have
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that's larger than any of us. it's larger than me and larger than david. he knows that. it can't help but go on and go to greater heights. >> liberty mutual ended its financial support last year but he's confident he'll find a sponsor for his last year. >> joining together to help boost the local economy. the greater boston regional economic compact includes boston, braintree, chelsea and summerville. city leaders got together this morning to make the official announcement. they say the group will be working on issues that go beyond their borders including transportation and housing. the boston police commissioner doing his part to spread some holiday cheer to local kids. bill every venus stopped by joseph lee elementary school this morning and he read. he read the book "snowmen" to a first grade class. >> she's looking right at him, fast united. >> i really like him as commissioner. >> doesn't he met the part? >> he does. >> the story went viral and now we have
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girl whose wish was to get cards from around the world. >> this was tragically burned in a terrible fire but she'll soon be this boston for treatment. you will hear from her doctors r from first sniffles to endless runny noses. puffs plus lotion is soft. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better pso you can face winter happily. t a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. p
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>> a holiday wish for a little girl burned in a fire. she's showing off her mail, after she asked for cards from around the world. now has special connection to boston. she's being treated at boston shriner's hospital. here's the story. reporter: no self-pity. her holiday wish is already coming true. christmas cards are pouring liriano around from -- in from around the world. >> she's a normal healthy kid. she just has trauma. >> sapphire suffered severe burns after somebody set fire to her home in schenectady, new york. her dad and three siblings were
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she was the only survivor. ant boston shriner's hospital, nurses call her spit fire. >> she's an engaging kid. she wants the know who you are, she wants to know what's going on. she's not afraid to ask questions. >> her aunt is now her sole guardian. >> she's touching local motorcycle clubs. >> now raising funds for sapphire's travel and medical expenses. >> even if it's a $5, we can help. >> my whole family is gone. they adopted us. and i don't feel so alone. >> a long, tough road ahead. the team at shriners amazed by her recovery. part medical, a lot sheer will. >> she has been able to achieve a functional level that we were very surprised that she did. currently, she's able to attend school, interact with friends. >> her aunt says if anyone can pull through it's sapphire, who
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with a super man logo. >> whose your super girl? >> me. >> a super girl for sure. >> good news from governor charlie baker after last winter's record snowfall. massachusetts is expected to receive $120 million in federal assistance. the most ever awarded to the bay state in the wake of a natural disaster. >> for us, this led to an enormous engagement across state, local and federal government, that, in fact, even drew in colleagues and equipment and manpower from other states to help combat the piles of snow that seem to never end. >> the federal emergency management agency, fema, has already distributed $24 million. the funding will also reimburse
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>> how quickly mentally we're taken right back to that moment. it lasted until mid to late summer. they didn't even melt. >> which is amazing. >> last december was also very mild and snowless. so far -- >> please don't draw comparisons. >> but there is a difference. >> that is -- last november was colder than average. we have both november and december warmer than average. >> it could be a little suggestive. >> you're off the look for now. >> always good to be off the hook. doesn't happen to me very much. >> let's check out the overview. we're certainly not talking wintry weather over the next week. it will be a bit damp late tonight and early tomorrow. in a lot of rain. just a touch of drizzle or a light shower. but the 50s return. starting midday and tomorrow afternoon. and another very mild and dry weekend is coming up. you wouldn't think you could do that again after last weekend. i think for the most part we're
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continuing, quite a bit above the average. these are some of the high temperatures around the country today. pay special attention to the middle of the country. that's where our weather is coming from. on the mild side of the jet stream so we have to be mild for the next number of days. >> in boston right now, temperatures in the low 40's. the breeze is off the water. kind of from the south-southeast at 10 miles per hour. these temperatures really are not going the fall very much tonight because of two reasons. number one, the wind direction out of the south-southeast. remember, water temperatures are still in the upper 40's and also we've got a blanket of clouds over us, which also prevents the heat of the day escaping back out into space. so the temperatures are reflecting that. notice by early tomorrow morning, readings a little milder than what we have right now. tomorrow, we hit the 50s. maybe even close to 60 in a few spots. tomorrow night, won't be very cold at all. and friday, will be a very mild day. more sun than we'll have tomorrow so even though you're seeing upper first, 60 or higher is very possible on friday and very possible to be repeated on
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it's that wedge of warmth for the middle of the country that moves eastward in our direction. and on top of that it looks like both saturday and sunday will be rain-free. let's back it up a little bit. we have the clouds and as that more and more moist, a bit of drizzle or a little light rain could break out morning, dawn, the morning commute, so it could be wet in spots. in the afternoon. we don't need much because the wind will be out of the the 50s. and on friday, although we start out with clouds, we should have more in the way of sunshine in the afternoon in the boston area. so we have an excellent chance of reaching or slightly exceeding 60 degrees on friday. i know, it sounds pretty amazing. milder toll. very mild on friday. and very mild on saturday. i'm picking 60. showing you one of our computer models, but i think we'll be a few degrees above. this even this is picking 60 degrees for lawrence. a little unsure about sunday in the sense we may have a slight
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then we would only be in the 50s. but if the wind stays southwest we'll be in the 60's breaking records on sunday. the next change will come along about monday. a front approaches. so during the afternoon and or evening, we'll get a band of showers. perhaps some heavy downpours. windy, mild, and then we'll be turning chillier but not super cold on tuesday and kind of windy and a little bit milder perhaps at least one more time for a day or two around wednesday or so of next week. >> so we'll see how things pan out. beyond that i'm checking all the different patterns and i'll check back with you tonight at 11:00. i'm meteorologist harvey leonard. >> now, sports center 5 with mike. mike: former patriot whose now with the texans says he and tom will be enemies but he'll go back to loving him when the game is over. he's not the only player or coach reuniting. >> the patriots have lost two in a row and they sure sound hungry. >> mexican food. sit around and eat marshmallows.
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>> marshmallows. >> here's s'more food for thought. the texans have seven guys playing or coaching for them who used to be with the patriots and that includes the head coach, the offensive and defensive coordinators, the quarterback, and big vince willfork, who likes food. here. and it's great. great player. talented. >> high praise for willfork. the highest possible praise for his linemate, j.j. watt, comparing him to lawrence taylor. >> i wouldn't go above taylor because of the versatility that taylor had in terms of pass coverage. i mean, he was a pass rusher and a run player and also a pass defenders. i mean, you know, he's just really an elite player. he's as disruptive of a defensive lineman as i've seen in the league. in the same general category. >>
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sacks and sunday night he'll be going after tom brady, who, despite being hit 36 times in the last three games, is feeling -- >> feel good. fresh as lettuce. >> and let us hope that continues through sunday night. >> sports center 5. >> is lettuce always fresh? always? all right. patrick didn't practice today. meanwhile, on offense, tom brady has to find some people who can consistently hold on to the ball. >> i have confidence in the guys i'm throwing the ball to or else i wouldn't throw it to them. it's just making plays when we have an opportunity to do it and that starts with practice and doing it consistently in practice so we can do it competently if games. >> mooky betts made his professional bowling debut in reno, nevada. he opened up with a score of 224.
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his best game was .249. his nine-game average was .196 which places him 212th out of the 244 bowelers. how is that for versatility and being an athlete. minnesota, keep your eye on the missed free throw had been happens afterwards. there it goes. it's in. there is your ball game, folks. one of the craziest endings. boston, minnesota, beats northfield 57-56 on a shot by a guy named oh, man, oh, man. that's all i keep saying when i see shot, oh, man, oh, man, are you kidding me? oh, man. >> i'm not making it up. >> no way. >> oh, man, oh, man. >>
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>> i have a lot of questions tonight, ole man, is lettuce always fresh. >> the only thing i'm going toy is a is i did have some lettuce in the frig, you know. >> it was not fresh. >> it was not fresh. >> did you eat it? >> no, but -- as soon as i opened the frig, i says guess what's in here? bad lettuce. >> the gap narrowing between bernie sanders and hillary clinton in new hampshire. the new poll just out and the one number that may have both worried. tonight at 11:00. a.b.c. world news tonight. >> what we've just learned about the terror in california, was there another attack planned? the possible location and you will see the fire bursting in the mall involving one of the most popular items on children's christmas list this is year. coming up on newscenter 5. >> on "chronicle" at 7:30, in the your average female executive. these women work in transportation and technology.
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working women should know. all r this holiday, it's time for wegmans. we are a family, t brought here through destiny. r living in harmony,
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it's time to savor. time to bake. r it's time to enjoy with family. r from the first toast, to the last dessert. we are a family. happy holidays...
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>> if you want to go on -- >> what were you telling tell us live on tv right now. >> we do the videos for weather app, get the app. check them out.
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point and then when you want details, here we are. >> i think should you check this one out in particular. >> that's all i'm saying. >> get the app. >> 45 degrees, even warmer tomorrow. >> warmer for many days ahead including the weekend. another bonus weekend. >> now it's on to houston, light? on to houston. >> not a lot. anncr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken
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like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible for the content
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